The Carbon 1 MK II, by Carbon Mobile, has been nominated in the composites industry's most hotly contested awards. In a year that sees major brands including BMW, Ford and Covestro competing with their latest innvations, the Berlin based tech manufacturer's first consumer product is named a finalist in the Design category.

CEO Firas Khalifeh said, "I’m incredibly proud and humbled to have been recognised by the JEC Awards.  High performance materials and their limitless capabilities will drive forward a more exciting and greener future of tech. The Carbon 1 MK II is just the start. This nomination is for the team and all our partners that share this vision and have put so much time, resource and passion into this project.”

Carbon fiber based composites are still yet to make their mark within the personal devices sector due to the restrictive antenna, mechanical and thermal properties associated with the material.

After 4 years of research, Carbon Mobile’s HyRECM Technology unlocks the unparalleled high strength to weight properties of the material by fusing carbon fibers with complementary radio enabled composites. This innovative approach to materials engineering enabled Carbon’s designers to create the world’s first carbon fiber monocoque smartphone, an incredible 33% lighter and 25% thinner than its rivals.

Carbon Mobile believe this is a major steppingstone for high performance materials in connected devices. Their radical research has already dramatically reduced lead-times from 3 hours in 2017 to just 30 minutes today and the opportunity to truly rival mass production capabilities of plastics, glass and aluminium is on the horizon.

With commercially viable bio-based composites looking like an industry reality in the near future, the Carbon 1 MK II and its unique composite design also makes a serious statement for the greener future of tech.

The awards ceremony will take place during JEC Composites Connect on Wednesday, June 2nd at 2:30 pm CEST. Carbon Mobile is in a difficult category with competing innovations from global industry leaders, Toray and Armacell.

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JEC Innovation Awards celebrate the fruitful cooperation between players of the composite community. Started in 1996, the JEC Innovation Awards have, over the past 24 years, brought in 1,900 companies worldwide. 198 companies and 475 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. The JEC Innovation Awards reward composites champions, based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality, or commercial applications of innovations.

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