Meet the world's first carbon-fiber smartphone
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Through intense research into the application of materials science, we're able to innovate where the establishment can't or won't.

The result, is a more seamless relationship with the tech we use. Tech that enhances our daily lives and is better for our planet."
Meet Carbon
Carbon 1 Mark II - Unleashing the power of carbon fiber
We thought normal smartphones are not so heavy, until we picked up Carbon 1 from Carbon Mobile and that really blew our minds!
This phone is lighter than a bag of chips
Formula 1 Cars, racing bikes, and airplanes are made from Carbon fiber. Now Carbon Mobile wants to establish it in consumer
Carbon Fibre instead of plastics and metal. This smartphone weighs as much as a smartphone case.
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greener tech
We will replace the tech industry's need for
un-recyclable plastics and difficult to recover metals with advanced sustainable materials.
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