The Future Standard

Accelerating enhanced lives on a protected planet

To safeguard our collective future, the technologies of tomorrow must achieve the seamless balance of human advancement and the protection of our planet.
Our Future Standard approach seeks to reach this goal quicker. Through the adoption of cutting-edge materials science, responsible design, and a European first methodology we will show a better way forward.
The Carbon 1 MK II is an example of the Future Standard approach brought to life. The miniaturized smartphone of the future, made possible with revolutionary carbon fiber technology.

HyRECM Technology

Radical engineering to unlock the incredible potential of carbon fiber in connected devices for the first time.


Revolutionary material engineering unlocking the incredible potential of carbon fiber in connected devices.

Accelerating Technologies

Through intense research into the application of advanced materials science, we're able to innovate where the establishment can't or won't.
These new discoveries are driving the thinner, lighter, stronger and more sustainable tech of tomorrow.

European First

Carbon Mobile dream, engineer and will soon build its products here in Germany.
The need for greener practices, the rise of automation, fairer working conditions, and fresh design thinking all point to a monumental shift back to the origin of modern industry. The future of tech is Europe.

European First

Responsible Engineering

Today, the electronics industry generates 50m tons of e-waste every year. 80% isn't recycled. It's not good enough.
Greener tech shouldn't be a choice. It should come as standard. Our Future Standard approach to responsible design focuses on:
the unrecyclable materials that damage our world
from Fairtrade sources to ensure favorable working conditions
built into our products for enhanced lifetimes.


Meet Carbonhaus, Carbon Mobile's internal team of visionaries ready to rethink and re-engineer connected devices with tomorrow's high-performance materials.
If your company is interested in collaborating to help drive forward the better, greener future of tech - we'd love to talk