The mission:

Accelerating technologically enhanced lives in a protected planet

We are all Carbon

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no
limitations to where you can go.”​
James Baldwin, 1924 - 1987

Connection doesn’t start with phones and the internet; it comes from the atoms that link us to
every cell on the planet, the glue that relates us with every animal, plant, fish and piece of dirt on
this place we call home. The more we understand and respect how we’re connected in this
carbon based world, the further we can progress.​

Driving The Future Standard

Our Future Standard approach will deliver the seamless relationship between the
tech, the user and the planet. This radical new thinking will help close the loop
on E-Waste whilst makings sure you get the ultimate tech experiences.

The Future Standard

High performance & more sustainable technologies


A protected planet, free from E-Waste


Incredible tech experiences. Thinner, lighter, stronger and guilt free

The Future

Working towards a shared goal

The UN reports that 50M tonnes of E-waste is generated annually. 80% is not recycled. We're committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, to develop new solutions and share our thinking with likeminded partners to drive a fairer and greener future.

Reduce & Recycle

We create devices with less material and accelerating the adoption of the revolutionary, easy to recycle resources of tomorrow.

Responsibily Resource

Fair working conditions are a human right. We're committed to delivering better working practices throughout our supply chain.


We will build devices that last. This means durable in design and easy to repair and replace key components at home by the user.

Carbon Timeline

We're on a journey of endless discovery. Since 2016 we have been driven to break the rules created by the tech establishment. We imagine, design and deliver radical new technologies that will change the world for the better.

JAN 2017
aug 2017
nov 2018
Feb 2020
Feb 2021
mar 2021
apr 2021
may 2021
Q4 2021
Q4 2021
Q2 2022

Firas Khalifeh, first imagines a featherweight smartphone built with advanced composite technology

$500k is raised to fund the research and development of the world's first carbon fiber smartphone

The Carbon 1 MK I premieres at Gitex, attracting global media attention

Investment of €1m enable the production of the first market disrupting device

HyRECM technology is announced for the first time as the revolutionary solution to carbon fiber's connectivity challenges

The Carbon 1 MK II enters into production finally after Covid-19 impacts the entire tech sector.

The first Founder customers receive their revolutionary smartphone. They love it...

The first 1000 Carbon 1 MK II are sold

Work starts on disrupting more tech sectors with connected composites

Carbon Mobile will showcase the world's first bio-based composite smartphone

Carbon Mobile will fulfil their commitment to assemble products in Germany

A suite of high-performance, carbon composite devices will launch

A word from our CEO

We created Carbon to explore where others won't dare and bring you the beautifully crafted miniature and sustainable tech of tomorrow, quicker. Through relentless R&D, we challenge the conventions of an industry that repeatedly ignores its responsibility to the planet and its people in the resources and processes it relies on.

Firas Khalifeh
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