we accelerate
the world’s transition
to sustainable
high-tech materials in
Carbon Mobile was created to advance the future of personal electronics. Through intense research into the application of material science, we're able to innovate where the establishment can't or won't. The result, is a more seamless relationship with the tech we use. Tech that enhances our daily lives and is better for our planet
Innovating for tomorrow's world
Our research and development team are unlocking the potential of the cutting edge materials of today.Their discoveries are delivering the thinner, lighter, stronger and more sustainable products of tomorrow.
Delivering greener tech
The electronics industry creates 50m tons of e-waste every year. 80% isn't recycled. The planet and its people deserve better choices.

Every Carbon product represents a step towards more sustainable and fairer practices.

Our Future First production ethos focuses on:
of the unrecyclable materials that damage our world
from Fairtrade sources to ensuring favourable working conditions
built into our products for enhanced lifetimes.
Advanced German engineering
We combine precision engineered technology with distinctly Berlin inspired designs.

Our products will always be imagined and designed in Germany. By 2021, they will be made here too