Carbon Mobile

Carbon Mobile was created to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable high-tech materials in personal-electronics.

Through relentless R&D, we challenge the conventions of an industry that repeatedly ignores its responsibility to the planet and its people in the resources and processes it relies on. With a focus on advanced materials and production with integrity, Carbon Mobile will not only create the products of the future but drive new levels of sustainability in electronics.


The art, the science, the history, the people and the grit of Europe. The sense of freedom, the humanism, the social inclusion and the long gone borders.
Things that inspire us.


90% of plastic and aluminum based personal-electronics end up on a landfill. Instead, Carbon uses advanced materials which are cheaper if recycled, making Carbon products sustainable by nature.


We are driven by the scientific method, try and test different ideas until something incredible comes out of it. That’s how Carbon was born - as a way to improve our world and to help exploring new ones.