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Carbon 1


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Carbonizer Membership

1 Carbon Founder’s Edition 1
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Access to Carbon OS beta updates
3 referral vouchers to friends 2
Your Name in the device credits 3
Option to later replace beta unit with RTM unit 4


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Carbon 1 Mark II is the first smartphone made of carbon - carbon-fibre, kevlar and graphene.
With a 0% plastic body and no chassis, it is ultra light, thin, incredibly strong and sustainable.

Carbon started as an experimental project. A dream of the future.
2 years on - it is followed by thousands of hardcore supporters, eagerly awaiting the upcoming launch.

It’s time to ignite the next stage - lift off to market. Come with us. Become Carbon.

What happens now

We are selecting 100 Carbonizers from up to 1,000 maximum applications
Our team will carefully go through the applicants and select based on your answers, commitment to give feedback and location for network testing.

The Carbonizer program is very important to us. As part of the program, you are awarded with many benefits, but you are also responsible to give feedback to Carbon team and help us make Carbon 1 perfect to market. We really value your help on achieving this, and your name will be credited on the every Carbon, in About Carbon.

What we ask from you

Give us continuous feedback on your experience with your Carbon
Understand the science and the sustainability of Carbon
Understand why Carbon is Made in Germany and the future of automation
Spread the word about Carbon and its advantages
Have light, thin, strong and meaningful experiences with your Carbon

Final components manufactured.


Golden Samples

Carbon OS


Run assembly
line in Germany

Ship 1000 devices
to Carbonizers
"Founders Edition"

Q1 2019

Official release
to market
Early Q2 2019

5Carbonizer Lana

Just like Carbon, the exceptional Lana Fahmi puts her heart and soul to make her dreams happen, restarting her dancing company Sima Dance Group, 3 times in different countries as the world kept on challenging her way.
See below a glimpse of Lana’s work.

1. All Founders Edition Devices are numbered from 0 to 100
2. Your referral will enjoy 10% discount on Carbon 1 order
3. Your name will show up on all Carbon 1 devices in the device "Settings -> About Carbon"
4. RTM (Release To Market) units are not Founder’s Edition and are unnumbered

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