Carbon was created to accelerate the world's transition to advanced composite materials in personal electronics.
Slabs of plastic and aluminum should not be in our pockets. Plastic electronics damage our future by causing many millions of tons of e-waste each year.
Carbon has 0% plastic and replaces it with advanced composites to create the sustainable, lighter, thinner and stronger devices of the future.



The art, the science, the history, the people and the grit of Europe. The sense of freedom, the humanism, the social inclusion and the long gone borders.
Things that inspire us.


90% of plastic and aluminum based personal-electronics end up on a landfill. Instead, Carbon uses advanced materials which are cheaper if recycled, making Carbon products sustainable by nature.


We are driven by the scientific method, try and test different ideas until something incredible comes out of it. That’s how Carbon was born - as a way to improve our world and to help exploring new ones.

10 to 15 years from now, most of electronics products will be similar to Carbon.
We wanted to visualize how that future looks like. What have humans accomplished? And what has gone wrong?
That was the start of "Lars Lake", a graphic novel that transported us to 2035 when human interplanetary exploration is about to begin and things on Earth are spiraling towards the dark side.
Soon on our website.