To accelerate the world’s transition to advanced composite materials and its sustainability.

At CarbonWorks, we create technology as a form of art.
Creative thinking, aggressive R&D as well as superior composites and other top-tier materials are used to break and surpass what people expect from their personal devices.

We are blind to politics, color, religion, age or gender. We think human exclusion is nothing but nonsensical and has no place in the world.
When we look ahead, all we see is humans doing what was thought to be impossible. We see humans capable of bending space-time, crossing black holes and discovering distant worlds.
We see ourselves. We see Carbon. We see you, with us.

Jorge R. Martins Chief Executive Officer

Jorge Reis Martins is the CEO of CarbonWorks, which he co-founded in 2015.
CarbonWorks is the leader in the usage of advanced composite materials in the design and manufacturing of super consumer electronics.
For the last year, Jorge has been prototyping and manufacturing Carbons in Taiwan and China. He currently serves on CarbonWorks’ Board of Directors. See more >

Jorge lived and worked across the world. He designed the original platform of Vortal that became a worldwide e-government company and was CTO for Adfortel B.V and more recently co-founded Reach.

Firas Khalifeh Chief Technology Officer

Firas Khalifeh is the CTO of CarbonWorks, which he co-founded in 2015.
With Carbon superphone, CarbonWorks became the first company worldwide to use advanced composites in the smartphone industry. Not to mention we are pioneers in the research and application of never-before-used materials in our products. Following Carbon market’s announcement, Firas has also been appointed Chief Operations Officer for CarbonWorks, while currently serving on its Board of Directors. See more >

Prior to founding CarbonWorks, Firas was the Lead Technologist for BUT where he was awarded “Best E-commerce Project” at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Firas has built futuristic prototypes for electronics and appliances including a smart fridge and smart mirror.

Víctor Madueño Calderón Chief Marketing Officer

Víctor is the CMO and one of the early stage investors. One of the first risk takers and vivid advocate of Firas and Jorge to take carbon into a reality. Along with the rest of the team he takes care of the positioning of the brand and together they've launched all digital touch points. Acting as board of directors and advisor on daily operations and go to market strategies. Tapping new markets, strategic partnerships and investors relationships.See more >

He comes from an entrepreneurial background, former Google cousin as Google business groups manager for Dubai and digital director for several agencies in the Middle East. Brings to the table more than a decade of digital experience and almost 15 years of entrepreneurial background in Europe and Middle East.

Nuno Teixeira Chief Design Officer

Nuno Teixeira is the Chief Design Officer of CarbonWorks.
As CDO, Nuno is responsible for all designs created at CarbonWorks, including our entire product line, accessories, packaging, retail shops and future products. See more >

Nuno is an award winning industrial designer with work ranging from incredible watches to hi-tech leisure submarine, consumer electronics, sound systems and environmental friendly cars.  Nuno was awarded the Michelin Challenge Design “Outstanding Design Award” in 2007.

Jascha Schafer Chief Channel Officer

Jascha Schafer is CarbonWorks’ Chief Channel Officer and one of the early stage investors.
As CCO, Jascha is responsible for all sales channels and related activities, including strategy, development, execution, and monitoring of the global distribution and retail operations of CarbonWorks and its international network of business partners. See more >

Jascha has over 11 years of experience in international trade, sales, distribution channels and project management, including for renowned brands such as SHARP and Silicon Core USA and has worked/lived in Germany, USA, Canada, UK and UAE. Jascha graduated from Newcastle Business School with a degree in International Business Management.